Hello world!

Welcome to FLO Live!

Let’s talk business.  What does it take to get started?  Is it just about having ideas swimming around in your head and nothing else?

Now is the right time to get started.  Economic depression?  What’s that?  Let’s do business in deep waters.

Living the Abundant Life!

What are you doing to maintain a life of joy and peace? 

True Joy and Peace comes by establishing a right relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  Without Him there really is no real joy or peace. 

I am excited about what the Lord has done in the lives of those who have decided to live for Him.  A life with Christ is so much better than the life without Him.  I know because before accepting Jesus, I was completely lost.  Not knowing what to do, where to turn, or who to trust. 

You will find there is no one like Jesus.  With Him ALL things are possible.  You only need to say ‘yes’ and yield your entire life to His way.  The Bible is right and I challenge you to try reading it and applying the (very) words to your life. 

HE (GOD) promises to save you if you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart.

Let’s talk.