Her? Who is She?

I absolutely love, love, love the story in John chapter 4 verse 7 about the “woman of Samaria!” Don’t you find that amazing that where she is from somehow plays a significant part in this beautiful Bible story? I mean, it’s obvious that it must mean something or at least should mean something to those of us who are left to read about her. Right?

Of course it does! Let’s dig into this!  (John 4: 7-30)

Jesus is traveling to Jerusalem – toward his very own crucifixion – and he has been traveling for quite some time by now.  It is now mid-afternoon.  It’s hot, muggy and Jesus is tired and thirsty.   Who does this?  Nobody but Jesus!  He is traveling to his own demise, becomes tired and stops for a drink of water from a well that so happens to be used by the women to draw water.  But what makes this so perfect is that by this time of day all of the so-called “normal” or “perfect” women have already come through to draw their water.  So now that the coast is clear, the woman from Samaria (I love it!)… the estranged woman, the woman who is so unlike all the others, the sister who doesn’t live like others in the big tent on the right side of the mountain…

Yes, the “imperfect woman” shows up to draw water.  After all, she is not so different from other women really.  She still needs water.  She still needs the basic things such as love, friendship, family and food right?  Well, she shows up – with ALL of her imperfections at the time Jesus gets there and he begins this dialogue with her that would forever change her life.

Here’s myPUF (point up front):  Regardless of where you’re from, who your parents are or not… there is an appointed time and place for you to meet JESUS.  Perhaps it is during the hottest moment in your life.  Perhaps it may be during the quiet time or the time of a dramatic change in your life.  Whatever that moment is, you must know…. the meetup is intentional.  

There is not a moment in time (of your life) when the Lord does not know where you are.  The point is to just begin the dialogue.  It is definitely in the moments of honesty and confession that total wholeness and healing can take place within our hearts.   The woman (who could be you or me) had obviously been through lots and lots of discouragements and disappointments.  No doubt some of them were because of her own decisions but even in making wrong decisions, we have a way out —- through the Grace of God.

What an awesome opportunity of liberty and freedom from past mistakes and bondage! Make today your day to reach beyond any limitations that may have been set on you by others or even by your own limits and boundaries.  Dialogue with Jesus and do not be afraid to…

Be open.  Be honest.  Be you.  The Woman of Samaria:  who is she?                                     She COULD be YOU.

Much love, Lady D

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