Go Another Way!

This week I have been reading about the disciples who walked with Jesus  (John chapters 6 & 7) and seeing how they were actually JUST LIKE US!  Now I know that’s no surprise but it sometimes makes me laugh to read (and visualize) some of the discussions the disciples had with Jesus.  They just remind me of ME.  Yep, I said it.  There is absolutely no way we can read the Bible and not see ourselves.  If you can’t, you have deceived no one —- except you.  So kick it in gear and in the right perspective; realizing the disciples were no different from us. …and just LOL!  You’ll feel better.

Anyway, I love verse 1 of John 7:

After these things (the turning away of some of Jesus’ disciples) Jesus walked in Galilee: for he would not walk in Jewry (Judea), because the Jews sought to kill him.

The immediate attention-grabber for me is that there are just some places that even Jesus avoided.  Not because he was afraid but because he knew there were people there who wanted to (intended, purposed, planned and schemed) to kill him!

Here’s myBLUF (bottom line up front):   Some so-called friends are not going to understand your decision to do and live better.  So what!  Be smart about who you hang out with and where you go.  Jesus knew that if he went into Judea – at that time – he was going to be challenged unnecessarily by people who really didn’t know who he was.  And many of them only followed him for the miracles (and blessings).

So why put yourself in situations that you know are dangerous for you?  So what if “everybody else is doing it, or everyone else is going.”  You can choose to be a follower and get deeper into a rut or you can choose to take authority over your life and cling to good success by doing what pleases God.   Yes! You can turn things around if you just trust the leading of God.   Trust him to guide you when you let go and follow his direction.  (Proverbs 3: 4-6)

Jesus’ mission was to do the will of God — even when his own disciples (those closest to him) didn’t believe.  He clung to what he was sent to do and kept his eye on the Father which led him — to the right places at the right time.  It wasn’t quite time for his death on the cross so he did what was necessary to avoid the dumb stuff. (lol)

Sure, sometimes one way seems better or quicker than another but often times…. just because you can (do whatever you want) — doesn’t mean you should.   Shortcuts aren’t always the best routes.

If you feel like you’re headed in a downward spiral or on the road to destruction, pay attention to those around you whom God has put in your path to help you get back on track.  They ARE there.   Allow them to pray for you and help you go another way.

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