What Kind of Tree?

If your tree was just like me, what kind of tree would your tree be?

With all of the movement and persuasions going on in the world today, many are unsure of what to do, where to go or who to trust.  Government has opened the door to many laws and policies that are in opposition to what our Founding Fathers believed.  And for that very reason, we are headed for disaster.  I know it is a hard pill to swallow but truth is truth…no matter what.

These situations cause people to remain unstable; going from place to place, church to church and relationship to relationship.  Ever learning and never coming into the power of what they learn.  BUT there is hope.

Psalm 1 encourages us to connect with people who are rooted and grounded.  Planted.  Stable.  All so we may become and live full, productive, stable lives – in Christ Jesus.  It is a tragedy to constantly take counsel from those who refuse counsel themselves.  In fact, they are consistent in one thing – instability – which makes it very difficult to take root and grow.

What kind of fruit or flower can grow from “tumbleweed?”  selah.

Remember, the Oak tree started from one seed and over the years of nourishment, it grows to heights unimaginable and its roots are deeper than the parts of it you or I can see.   Imagine the strength to withstand the ferocious winds and torrential rains.

You, too, are made to “stand” but it takes stability and allowing others to pour into you.  Trust God to direct your steps each and every day.  He knows to whom you are to connect and without fail, will guide your heart.  Why?  Because He wants you to be able to withstand the wiles of the devil.  He longs to see you strengthened so you can go and bring others … and that your fruit..remain.

What kind of tree will you be?  Planted or Potted – (one that moves whenever the wind blows).

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