What Kind of Tree?

If your tree was just like me, what kind of tree would your tree be?

With all of the movement and persuasions going on in the world today, many are unsure of what to do, where to go or who to trust.  Government has opened the door to many laws and policies that are in opposition to what our Founding Fathers believed.  And for that very reason, we are headed for disaster.  I know it is a hard pill to swallow but truth is truth…no matter what.

These situations cause people to remain unstable; going from place to place, church to church and relationship to relationship.  Ever learning and never coming into the power of what they learn.  BUT there is hope.

Psalm 1 encourages us to connect with people who are rooted and grounded.  Planted.  Stable.  All so we may become and live full, productive, stable lives – in Christ Jesus.  It is a tragedy to constantly take counsel from those who refuse counsel themselves.  In fact, they are consistent in one thing – instability – which makes it very difficult to take root and grow.

What kind of fruit or flower can grow from “tumbleweed?”  selah.

Remember, the Oak tree started from one seed and over the years of nourishment, it grows to heights unimaginable and its roots are deeper than the parts of it you or I can see.   Imagine the strength to withstand the ferocious winds and torrential rains.

You, too, are made to “stand” but it takes stability and allowing others to pour into you.  Trust God to direct your steps each and every day.  He knows to whom you are to connect and without fail, will guide your heart.  Why?  Because He wants you to be able to withstand the wiles of the devil.  He longs to see you strengthened so you can go and bring others … and that your fruit..remain.

What kind of tree will you be?  Planted or Potted – (one that moves whenever the wind blows).

Go Another Way!

This week I have been reading about the disciples who walked with Jesus  (John chapters 6 & 7) and seeing how they were actually JUST LIKE US!  Now I know that’s no surprise but it sometimes makes me laugh to read (and visualize) some of the discussions the disciples had with Jesus.  They just remind me of ME.  Yep, I said it.  There is absolutely no way we can read the Bible and not see ourselves.  If you can’t, you have deceived no one —- except you.  So kick it in gear and in the right perspective; realizing the disciples were no different from us. …and just LOL!  You’ll feel better.

Anyway, I love verse 1 of John 7:

After these things (the turning away of some of Jesus’ disciples) Jesus walked in Galilee: for he would not walk in Jewry (Judea), because the Jews sought to kill him.

The immediate attention-grabber for me is that there are just some places that even Jesus avoided.  Not because he was afraid but because he knew there were people there who wanted to (intended, purposed, planned and schemed) to kill him!

Here’s myBLUF (bottom line up front):   Some so-called friends are not going to understand your decision to do and live better.  So what!  Be smart about who you hang out with and where you go.  Jesus knew that if he went into Judea – at that time – he was going to be challenged unnecessarily by people who really didn’t know who he was.  And many of them only followed him for the miracles (and blessings).

So why put yourself in situations that you know are dangerous for you?  So what if “everybody else is doing it, or everyone else is going.”  You can choose to be a follower and get deeper into a rut or you can choose to take authority over your life and cling to good success by doing what pleases God.   Yes! You can turn things around if you just trust the leading of God.   Trust him to guide you when you let go and follow his direction.  (Proverbs 3: 4-6)

Jesus’ mission was to do the will of God — even when his own disciples (those closest to him) didn’t believe.  He clung to what he was sent to do and kept his eye on the Father which led him — to the right places at the right time.  It wasn’t quite time for his death on the cross so he did what was necessary to avoid the dumb stuff. (lol)

Sure, sometimes one way seems better or quicker than another but often times…. just because you can (do whatever you want) — doesn’t mean you should.   Shortcuts aren’t always the best routes.

If you feel like you’re headed in a downward spiral or on the road to destruction, pay attention to those around you whom God has put in your path to help you get back on track.  They ARE there.   Allow them to pray for you and help you go another way.

Her? Who is She?

I absolutely love, love, love the story in John chapter 4 verse 7 about the “woman of Samaria!” Don’t you find that amazing that where she is from somehow plays a significant part in this beautiful Bible story? I mean, it’s obvious that it must mean something or at least should mean something to those of us who are left to read about her. Right?

Of course it does! Let’s dig into this!  (John 4: 7-30)

Jesus is traveling to Jerusalem – toward his very own crucifixion – and he has been traveling for quite some time by now.  It is now mid-afternoon.  It’s hot, muggy and Jesus is tired and thirsty.   Who does this?  Nobody but Jesus!  He is traveling to his own demise, becomes tired and stops for a drink of water from a well that so happens to be used by the women to draw water.  But what makes this so perfect is that by this time of day all of the so-called “normal” or “perfect” women have already come through to draw their water.  So now that the coast is clear, the woman from Samaria (I love it!)… the estranged woman, the woman who is so unlike all the others, the sister who doesn’t live like others in the big tent on the right side of the mountain…

Yes, the “imperfect woman” shows up to draw water.  After all, she is not so different from other women really.  She still needs water.  She still needs the basic things such as love, friendship, family and food right?  Well, she shows up – with ALL of her imperfections at the time Jesus gets there and he begins this dialogue with her that would forever change her life.

Here’s myPUF (point up front):  Regardless of where you’re from, who your parents are or not… there is an appointed time and place for you to meet JESUS.  Perhaps it is during the hottest moment in your life.  Perhaps it may be during the quiet time or the time of a dramatic change in your life.  Whatever that moment is, you must know…. the meetup is intentional.  

There is not a moment in time (of your life) when the Lord does not know where you are.  The point is to just begin the dialogue.  It is definitely in the moments of honesty and confession that total wholeness and healing can take place within our hearts.   The woman (who could be you or me) had obviously been through lots and lots of discouragements and disappointments.  No doubt some of them were because of her own decisions but even in making wrong decisions, we have a way out —- through the Grace of God.

What an awesome opportunity of liberty and freedom from past mistakes and bondage! Make today your day to reach beyond any limitations that may have been set on you by others or even by your own limits and boundaries.  Dialogue with Jesus and do not be afraid to…

Be open.  Be honest.  Be you.  The Woman of Samaria:  who is she?                                     She COULD be YOU.

Much love, Lady D

Life Purpose: A Radical View – Part One

Why should you know your life purpose? What does your life purpose have to do with your business? I am writing this three part series to answer these very questions. I have entitled this Life Purpose: A Radical View because I recognize that not everyone will agree with my perspective on this topic.

via Life Purpose: A Radical View – Part One.

Walking in Authority

Wow! What an awesome day this has been. I realize more and more…regardless of what the current situation or circumstances may be, I have a choice to make. Whether to enjoy the day or allow the “stuff of life” to ruin it for me. I am rejoicing because scriptures declare that I (we) have power over all the power of the enemy!
Yes, that’s right. The “enemy” does have power but we have been given power over all the power of the enemy! What an awesome God we serve.
Realizing the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God, we can lift our heavy hearts, heads, and hands in the sight of the most powerful, most high GOD. Taking authority in the situation, through the Word of God; with a praise in our hearts and on our lips!
Rejoice! and again, I say, Rejoice! Walk in the Authority given you by Christ Jesus. Lift up your head, O ye gates, and be lifted up, ye everlasting doors; and the king of Glory shall come in.

For the Love of God

We are living in a day when lives are torn apart due to the very lack of faith in God.  When the world is going in a completely opposite direction than that which the Lord leads, it is certainly time for prayer.  Faithfulness is required in times like these. That is, faithfulness in the reading, studying, and application of the Holy Scriptures.    Without it (faith) , it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6).  This is one of the reasons there is so much hatred, confusion, discord, and every evil intention, loosed in the world…. lack of (true) faith.   True faith dispels all doubt and even when doubt shows up, true faith takes a stance against it and allows one to stand in belief …. and rest….in the fulfillment of God’s power, purpose, and plan.

For the love of God, reach out from under all the weight of the world.  Grab a hold of His Word and receive all He has for your life today.  He (God) longs for you to know Him for yourself today.  He knows the heart of men and has a way of positioning others in our lives to help us stand and live!

We must examine ourselves and be careful  concerning the things and the people of God.  For God is love and LOVE covers a multitude of sin (1 Peter 4:8).  The heart is desperately wicked… who can know it (Jeremiah 17:9, Matthew 13:15)… except God.    When we hide the word of God in our hearts and yield our “members”, our minds, our homes, our conversations, our attitudes, our bodies… to it, it becomes that much easier to stand against the wiles of the devil.

Expose every work of satan by allowing the light of the Word of God to reign in every area of your heart (life) today and forever more.  God is rich to all that call upon him and the love of God is perfected in them that keep his word. (Romans 10:12, 1 John 2:3-6)

Thank God today that you have power over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you (Luke 10:19).

Inner Sessions of a Woman: “Great Faith”

Great faith is the result of great commitment to establish a relationship with a Great God.  It takes commitment to push forward when the world and the wind is blowing hard against you.

In the midst of the wind and the rain, we have the Word of God which is quick and powerful enough to withstand all the pressure.  Woman, rely wholly on your inner strength which is the Holy Ghost (Spirit).  He will do all that’s necessary to be sure your faith does not fail.

Get in your secret closet and call on the Name of the Lord – JESUS!  When (not “if”) all else fails, know without a doubt, that your faith in God is greater than any weapon formed.  Besides, the weapon may be formed against you but it won’t prosper.   It cannot stand against great faith.

Cry all you want – with all your might… just seek the Lord.  He will deliver!

I Got a New Attitude!

Romans 8:5  declares “For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit.”

What a transformation the Holy Spirit has done and IS DOING in my life – even right now!  You know the Lord has changed you when you no longer desire to “pay back” the hurt that others show toward you.

It is amazing to know such an awesome God Who is gracious towards a people like us.  We, often, have the nerve to turn up our noses and our hearts when reading the stories of the children of Israel because, for some unknown reasons, we think we are better than they were. Now that’s something to laugh about!

Don’t forget, we live in a world that daily rejects the standards of the Word of God. But the people of God have been given a great gift…the precious HOLY SPIRIT.  When the Holy Spirit is in charge, your thought patterns are no longer thoughts of defeat but victory.  The Spirit of the Lord provokes and sometimes leads you into the wilderness to be tempted but your faith in He who sent you there, remains in tact.  You refuse to be defeated.

While the situation often calls for adverse reaction, you recognize the attempt of the enemy and instead of responding with a few (choice) words or in an ungodly way, you think before taking action.  What a blessing that is!

To choose the way of Righteousness is to walk (and live) in the Spirit.  When you walk in the Spirit, you set your mind on doing what’s right…not what feels good at the moment.  Of course, the fleshly side of you wants to always be right, first, and have the last word all the time – at the expense of others.

Remember, if you are operating in the flesh, you absolutely, cannot please God.  No way, no how.