Inner Sessions of a Woman: “Great Faith”

Great faith is the result of great commitment to establish a relationship with a Great God.  It takes commitment to push forward when the world and the wind is blowing hard against you.

In the midst of the wind and the rain, we have the Word of God which is quick and powerful enough to withstand all the pressure.  Woman, rely wholly on your inner strength which is the Holy Ghost (Spirit).  He will do all that’s necessary to be sure your faith does not fail.

Get in your secret closet and call on the Name of the Lord – JESUS!  When (not “if”) all else fails, know without a doubt, that your faith in God is greater than any weapon formed.  Besides, the weapon may be formed against you but it won’t prosper.   It cannot stand against great faith.

Cry all you want – with all your might… just seek the Lord.  He will deliver!

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